You can make this trippy LED light cube yourself

Tax time is pretty much done so you'll have some time on your hands, right? Perfect, then you can dive into this DIY programmable LED light cube project. If you don't count watching the video of it in all its swirly action, I counted somewhere around 30 "general" steps needed to make it work.

First, let's reflect on how cool this thing is and how great you'll look at your next party when you unveil it. Done.

Now I'm going to hit you with some hard numbers — the cube's creator Nick Schulze spent about 20 hours on soldering the LEDs alone. And I counted that as one step. He also reports something like 60-80 hours on the programming side. That would be one step, too.

It looks like such an innocent little cube doesn't it?

Frankly, I as went through Schulze's site I'm not even sure I captured all the DIY steps properly. This is one complex project. But, Schulze leaves no detail up to your imagination. He's got a parts list, pictures, descriptions and even code for you to tackle this on your own.

How Not to Engineer, via Tested

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