Keyboard case turns your iPad into pretty good fake MacBook

If you're having a tough time deciding between a tablet like an iPad and a small laptop like a MacBook, here's a way to keep both sides of your brain happy. Once you slip your iPad into this keyboard case, most people would have a tough time telling it from a real MacBook.

The snappily named 'Notebook case for iPad' connects the keyboard to the iPad using Bluetooth, and adds a battery that can charge the tablet, along with both mini and regular USB ports. There's even a big hole on the back so your iPad's logo can help continue the ruse.

For now you can order the case through Rakuten's Japanese site for about $75, but hopefully they'll put it on their international site soon.

The case says that it's for the iPad 2, so it's not clear if this will even work with the New iPad. Still, for way less than the price of the cheapest MacBook, you could have the netbook that Apple never made.

9to5 Mac, via Ubergizmo

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