Keyboard flip-flops let your toes do the typing, sort of

In the annals of geek culture, icons like Mark Zuckerberg and even Steve Jobs have illustrated the power and allure of the flip-flop as slacker staple. Now that symbol of long nights of cramming and coding gets a cleverly tech-infused update.

Designed by Thailand shoe company Kito, the Keyboard Flip-Flops quite literally put computer keyboards on your feet. Of course the keyboards don't actually work, but they're realistic enough to give onlookers a reason to take a second glance. Will you potentially look really stupid to the fashion forward? Yes, quite possibly. But for a price of just $1.20 a pair, a few weird looks is worth having the most hacker-friendly feet in your neighborhood.

If you're still on the style guide fence, check out Kito's video promotion for the flip-flops, which adds a bit of YouTube tech flare to the otherwise exotic footwear.

Via MicGadget

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