Jetman returns with another epic solo flight over Swiss airspace

Around these corners of the Internet, Jetman is a hero, a legend, a 52-year-old Swiss pilot who has done the impossible — fly solo in the skies, among jets and over the Grand Canyon. Here Yvess "Jetman" Rossy is taking his jetpack over Switzerland's skies in breathtaking high def.

From his fall out of a helicopter to a glide and then into his acceleration, seeing Jetman in this crystal sharp video (as opposed to those other grainy videos) adds even more punch to his already incredible solo flights.

A former Swiss Air Force fighter pilot, Rossy isn't just some stuntman who's crazier than your average daredevil. With so much flying experience under his belt flying Swiss fighter jets, strapping on a jetpack is a walk in the park, um, sky, for this guy.

It's just epic watching Jetman fly — even if it can only go for 10 minutes at one time — in a wingsuit that took over 10 years to design and engineer. It also helps that the music set to Jetman's latest video is so inspiring and uplifting.

Vimeo, via UberReview

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