It's computerized: the North Korean tractor simulator

Pictures of flying cars and taxis of the future have blanketed the media this week thanks to the New York International Auto Show. As we bask in the shiny glow of these amazing machines, another photo has been making the rounds and it's worth a look. Behold the North Korean tractor simulator.

We'll excuse you if your mind taps the brakes a little bit to adjust to the lack of chrome and heads up displays.

The photo shows a student training on the simulator at the Samijyon Schoolchildren's Palace in Samijyon, North Korea on April 3, 2012. It's part of an after school program that among other things includes vocational training.

Knowing that North Korea is one of the most isolated and poorest nations on the planet, I'm not going to joke around too much. Most images coming out of the country are of what their government wants us to see.

Instead I'm just going to give the student major props for working that machine like a boss. I'm also going to applaud the mechanical genius that cobbled together all those spare parts (including a computer monitor and keyboard) to make this machine.

MSNBC, via Buzzfeed

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