It drops books not bombs: 'Book Tank' trumps normal bookmobiles

This is the tank you want rumbling through your town. Built on the back of a 1970 Ford Falcon, the Book Tank houses some 900 books on its frame and travels through the streets of Argentina making these books available — for free — for all who care to take one.

The project, created by Argentinean art-car maker Raul Lemesoff is called "Weapons of Mass Instruction" when translated into English. Both the name and the goal of the project are freakin' genius.

Lemesoff converted the Ford Falcon — a vehicle popular with the country's once ruling military regime — into the unusual twist on a bookmobile. In addition to gas, it runs on the privately donated books to keep stocked in its weapon of choice.

The vehicle has crisscrossed Argentina's countryside — where books and literacy programs are much needed — as well as the capitol Buenos Aires for years. Now Lemesoff is planning on expanding the venture to Bolivia and Peru.

Can you imagine a world where tanks and military vehicles become a thing of the past and are converted into cultural tools instead of contributing to destruction?

Lemesoff can. His stated mission is "to contribute to peace and understanding through literature."

Check out some shots of his amazing and thought provoking vehicle below.

Armade Instruccion Massiva, via Makezine, Good

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