Incoming: Shark with a frickin' laser beam attached to its head

The Internet wins again! Wicked Lasers, makers of the deadly Spyder lasers asked for 2,000 Facebook "Likes" in a month — it got them in just a few hours. Now, it owes us a wild shark with a laser strapped to it. Swim fishies, swimmm!

We checked the calendar for the millionth time, and today is definitely not April Fool's Day. Why is Wicked Lasers going to arm a shark with a laser? According to its Facebook page:

We've supported underwater life in the past with our laser donations to Sea Shepherd. But now we need to give them an opportunity to defend themselves... with lasers!

We need your support to attach a fully-functional Spyder 3 laser onto a live shark in the wild. If there are 2,000 Likes in a month from now on this post, you WILL see us strapping a Spyder 3 laser onto a shark. We have a professional shark diving team ready and waiting.

So - Evil Doctors around the globe - it's all up to you. 2,000 Likes by 27 May 2012 and we will make the first living, breathing, Laser-equipped Shark a reality.

OK, Last time I checked, most sharks don't need to defend themselves, considering they're the ones chomping on all the other sea cretins.

Look, nobody really suggested sharks with lasers attached to their heads, but asking for only 2,000 Likes is like asking for a lollipop these days — it was an easy win for the Internet.

Joke or not, Wicked Lasers better own up with that laser shark. We've got a lot of Dr. Evils running around waiting on it. The question now is, how does the shark control the laser? Will it be remote-controlled? Always on? We need answers!

Facebook, via Gizmodo

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