IKEA's now selling an HDTV built into a piece of furniture

Known for its furniture and maybe its prefab homes, IKEA is entering the TV market with an all-in-one HDTV/furniture that's sole purpose is to declutter your entertainment center.

Presented with a peppy saleswoman, IKEA's explanation for selling an HDTV is that people seem to have one major problem: How to fit the TV in the living room along with digital boxes, Blu-ray players, speakers, remotes and cables.

IKEA's solution is the Uppleva — an "all-in-one" 1080p HD LED Smart TV that the company claims shouldn't be called a TV or a piece of furniture. We like FurniTV.

The Uppleva is an integrated unit with a Blu-ray/CD player, 2.1 sound system, wireless subwoofer and compartments to completely hide all of your cabling — and everything's controlled with ONE remote. IKEA's pitch video also highlighted two USB ports and four HDMI ports for connecting up your gear, so you shouldn't have any problems hooking up all your gear.

So how is the picture quality and screen size? If you don't mind your display panel being from China's TCL, the Uppleva might be the HDTV that'll tidy up your entertainment center.

Last but not least, IKEA's Uppleva is promoting mix-and-match customizations — you choose the screen size, frame, colors and even furniture housing to fit your room.

Available this Fall, IKEA will sell the Uppleva for about $960 (no world on how big of a screen that gets you). As for self-assembly, we don't know if there is any, but it'll probably take you a week to figure out how to put the entire thing together, knowing how hairy IKEA instruction manuals can be.

YouTube, via Engadget

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