Ikea makes cardboard digicam: yes, some assembly required

Swedish home furnishings giant Ikea is best known for its knock-down furniture, but lately the company has been dabbling in some basic consumer electronic goods. The latest is this throwaway digital camera, which has Ikea's functional style all over it.

The camera isn't something you can go out and buy just yet, but Ikea was giving them away as swag at a recent press event in Italy. Rumors are the furniture maker could start selling them in its stores soon.

The available specs are pretty sketchy, but apparently it can store up to 40 shots in its internal memory, which you download using the flip out USB jack. It also looks like the thing runs on two AA batteries.

The resolution remains a mystery for now, as does the meaning of that little picture of a paper clip next to the wastebasket image (which is presumably for deleting pictures).

Anyone speak Ikea?

Gizmodo.it, via PetaPixel

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