Housing report: hermit crab takes on shell made of Legos

Hermit crab housing has just taken on an interesting new turn. Harry, the local resident at the rock pool in Legoland in the U.K. has crawled into a specially crafted shell made of the local building material — Legos. So, adorable hermit crabs enjoy plastic blocks as much as they love 3D-printed enclosures.

Proving that Legos aren't just for kids, Harry chose the Lego shell over a selection of sea and snail shells also made available. I'd say hat puts him in the running for Legoland employee of the year.

Hermit crabs have soft bodies and need to shelter in adopted shells for protection. While the Lego house might seem like a surprising choice, hermit crabs in captivity have been starting to adopt man-made homes — such as the 3D printed shell we reported on earlier this year.

This is great news for scientists who have worried that the hermit crab population in the wild may be at risk due to a shortage of shells available. Scientists had thought hermit crabs might not take to man-made shells as they need to be a snug fit.

Harry's choice of a multi-colored brick house seems to be a positive sign that the crabs are learning to adapt.

Legoland's Liane Riley was quoted in The Guardian newspaper: "We decided to give Harry a wider choice and the model makers here created a special Lego house just for him. We weren't really sure if he'd actually move in, but he rejected the sea and snail shells on offer and seems very comfortable in his new home."

Check out Harry scuttling around in his swanky new pad in the video below. This could be in the running today's ridiculous cuteness award.

Via The Guardian, Newslite

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