Hilarious: Domino's e-scooters get safer with man-made engine sounds

Domino's Pizza comes up with some pretty wacky ideas. (Exhibit A: moon base.) The latest, called Safe Sound, comes from the company's Netherlands arm. The electric scooters the company uses there are basically silent, which can be a hazard to pedestrians. Solution? Record someone saying, "Vrooom!"

How quiet electric vehicles are is a real danger to pedestrians, bikers and even other motorists, as all of a sudden that two-ton hunk of metal and plastic you're driving is whisper-quiet, as well. The sound of an engine serves to inform everyone around that, hey, you're about to get into a crash and/or run over. As a result, companies have been going back and forth one what's desired: a sound loop that mimics a combustion engine, or something else?

Domino's scooters probably weren't doing a bunch of damage, but it's a clever and funny solution. You know, for like five minutes, before that sound becomes super annoying and suddenly it's the Domino's scooterist that's in danger.

Domino's Netherlands, via Laughing Squid

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