High-end audio goes atomic with the Antelope Audio digital preamp

To keep all of the ones and zeros in line when transmitting digital audio you need a really accurate clock, and no clock is more accurate than an atomic one. So a company called Antelope Audio is introducing the first digital preamp for high-end audio systems that uses an atomic ticker.

Antelope says that the clock in their Rubicon preamp is 100,000 times more stable than the quartz crystal clocks used in most digital gear, and this helps reduce jitter to imperceptible levels. It also enables the Rubicon to convert signals that use sampling rates as high as 384kHz with ease.

In addition to its digital to analog converter, the Rubicon also includes an ultra high-rez analog to digital converter and phono stage, so you can convert your precious LPs to a digital format that preserves the beauty of analog.

The Rubicon will be introduced at the Munich High-End show in early May. No word on the price.

Antelope Audio, via Home Theater Review

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