Fully functional Akira motorcycle built after 7 years and $121K

From Blastr: If you've seen (or read) Katsuhiro Otomo's classic, Akira, you've probably thought "Man, I'd love to tear it up on Kaneda's motorcycle." One dude in Japan spent 10 million yen to make that dream come true and he's currently riding it across the Land of the Rising Sun to raise money for charity.

It's taken Masashi Teshima seven years (and the equivalent of $121,000) to build his Akira bike and while it's not the only such project, it's the only one to get Otomo's official stamp of approval. Teshima's cross-country ride—during which he's raising money for autism research—will terminate in Tokyo, where it'll then be displayed at an "art of Katsuhiro Otomo" exhibition.

No wonder, because the thing looks frakking perfect:

Via Kotaku

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