Google shows off 'Project Glass,' its augmented reality glasses

There were rumors that Google was secretly working on a pair of augmented reality glasses and now Google's made it official that it is indeed prototyping a pair of them. It's called "Project Glass" and it could change the way we live, or just make us ever more reliant on technology for everyday tasks.

AR technology is not new. We've seen some fantastic smartphone apps show us how the world would be if it had real-time info overlaid on top.

Project Glass takes the AR/heads up display concept further. The voice-activated glasses (design is obviously not final) can make voice and video calls. It can "check-in" to places and share photos to social networks (presumably Google+), get real-time mapping, tell you the weather, remind you of appointments and more.

Think of Project Glass like your very own personal assistant — like Siri — only with augmented reality elements and not just voice.

Initial rumors stated that Google would be releasing the glasses by the end of the year for about $250 to $600.

Google hasn't thrown out any details on when we'll see Project Glass go on asale. Rather, it's released the concept video you see below as a way to generate buzz and conversation. It's far from being ready for launch, as far as Google's letting up.

There's also a nice bunch of pretty people modeling Project Glass in the gallery below. I hate to bring it up, but anybody else reminded of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and his "Over 9000!!!" meme?


Silly, ridiculous, cool? Sound off your thoughts on Project Glass in the comments below.

(Vegeta image via here)

Project Glass, via YouTube

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