Google ditches the alphabet, makes 'improvement over speech' for April Fool's

I think most of us can agree that Gmail's biggest limitation has always been our lack of ability to type in Morse code. Twenty-six letters and fourteen marks of punctuation can just be a little too daunting sometimes, when all you really want is some dots and dashes. Luckily, the gods of Google have come through (as they always do) and introduced Google Tap, which allows you to type messages in Morse Code.

Just in time for April Fool's Day.

Google's reasoning for creating this is both to make typing e-mails easier and more discreet. So, philanderers, take note.

To quoth Google, "Every letter of the alphabet is represented by a simple pattern of dots and dashes, and once you know them you can type without even looking at your screen."

In addition, Google will also allow for "multi-email" so you can ... type two emails at once. Because, as everyone knows, that whole typing-one-email-and-using-the-whole-alphabet thing was really slowing us all down.

Also, note, in Google's video below, they claim, "it's an improvement over speech."

Via Google

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