Google is fined a whopping $25,000 in that Wi-Fi snooping scandal

Remember that Wi-Fi snooping scandal a couple of years ago, where it turned out that Google's Street View cars were downloading people's web surfing info from passing unsecured networks? Now the FCC has come down on Google like a ton of bricks, by fining them about what Google earns in one minute.

Last quarter Google's profits were $2.89 billion, so a $25,000 fine is probably about what Larry Page makes when he sneezes. If you do the math, it works out to the amount Google earns in about one minute and five seconds of operation.

To be clear, the fine was actually for impeding the FCC's investigation, not for the data snooping itself. On that charge the FCC has cleared them of any wrongdoing. Still, I'm sure this finding has them quaking in their boots.

USA Today, via Gizmodo

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