Glass-floor toilet above elevator shaft will scare the crap out of you

Out of all the places to place a toilet, the last place anyone would want to take a dump over is a 15 story elevator shaft.

Located at the top of a penthouse in Guadalajara, Mexico is this swanky bathroom. When designing the pad, architects Jorge Luis and Hernandez Silva decided to convert an old elevator shaft that never had its lift installed into a bathroom.

The fruits of their labor is a glass-reinforced floor that would make the knees of even the mightiest of bathroom titans tremble. It's both the scariest place to poo and the coolest.

Imagine if there was an actual elevator shooting up and down while you did your business. Now, that would be frightening.

Like we said, you'll have no problems showing your turd who's the boss in this bathroom.

Hernandez Silva, via Let Me Be Inspired

(Thanks, Tina!)

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