Gamer win: students turn building into giant Tetris game

By day the building is the MIT's Green Building; by night it turned into a giant game of Tetris. Like a normal game of Tetris, players could move, rotate and drop blocks only in this case the blocks being entire windows.

I swoon from the epic-sized, retro fun of it all.

The building was transformed into the game by a group of MIT students. They choose the Green Building — home of the MIT Earth and Planetary Sciences department due to the size and regular pattern of windows on one side.

These guys weren't just happy with the challenge of setting up the giant game board or with the average game of Tetris. They built in an extra challenge of making the pale on the second level — making them harder to see. On the third level the colors shift.

Since the MIT guys haven't released their how-to manual for building transformation, there's not much more I can say other than enjoy the light show in all its blinking glory.

Hack A Day, via Geekosystem

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