Gallery: This entire office space is made from stiff cardboard

Nothing Advertising Agency's office is undeniably brown. That's because its entire spacial occupancy is made of cardboard. Just like Lego, there is undeniably nothing that can't be made with cardboard. Arcades made by 9-year-olds? Check. How about an entire office space? Yep, it can be done too.

Designed by Dutch designers Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Koudenburg, the cardboard space is modular and is held together by clever construction.

There's no screws or glue to hold the cardboard furniture together.

We've got one concern, though. What happens if someone spills liquid (especially those that aren't water) all over their desk? We suppose that's called "character."

Inthralld, via TechEBlog

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