Gallery: Old floppy disks repurposed into rad cyberpunk-ish art

Nick Gentry is a painter who doesn't paint on canvas. He paints on old floppy disks and his art is all the more stunning because he chose a dead computer storage format to express himself. These portrait paintings wouldn't look like much on canvas, but on floppy disks, they suddenly have a whole new cyberpunk life to them.

London-based Gentry is only 31-years-old, but he's already garnering quite a lot of buzz in the art world. While his two collections of floppy disk portrait paintings XCHANGE and OBSOLETE are a beauty to behold — in the geekiest way possible — Gentry also paints on old cassettes and VCR tapes. (Wait until CDs and DVDs become "old.")

According to an interview with from last year, Gentry tries to "use objects that come to the end of their useful life before looking for new materials."

You can get a quick preview of his amazing floppy disk art below, but for the full collection, you'll need to watch his Vimeo slideshows and take a look at his personal site. There's also some behind-the-scene pics up on Gentry's Facebook page.

Nick Gentry, via Nick Gentry (Vimeo)

(Thanks Danny!)

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