Gadget-protecting film repairs scratches in 10 seconds or less

There's nothing worse than buying a fancy new gadget, covering it in an expensive protective case that makes it unscratchable, and then realizing ten seconds later that somehow it's all scratched up already. A new type of coating is now in commercial production that can repair minor scratches by itself in under 10 seconds.

Toray Advanced Film is just starting to mass produce its "Self-cure Coat Film," which is a film that, you know, self-cures. You can scratch it up to your heart's content, and it'll buff itself back to smoothness in seconds, thanks to a "self-repairing layer" which features "high viscosity and elasticity as well as cushioning characteristics." Someone at Toray took the time to scratch this stuff 20,000 times in succession, and it just kept on repairing itself, meaning that unless you work on a porcupine preserve, you shouldn't have to worry about the film running out of steam.

While this film is certainly very clever, there's a limit to what it can handle, and anything above what you'd call a "minute scratch" (i.e. anything that pierces the film all the way through) won't get repaired. In other words, you can get scratch repair or scratch resistance but not both at the same time, so it's best not to try and stab your smartphone to death with a knife or anything like that 'cause you'll probably still leave a mark.

Now that Toray is getting this stuff produced in bulk (on the order of several hundred thousand square meters per year), there's a good chance we'll actually see it protecting a product sometime soon. Like, this year. We hope.

Toray, via Engadget

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