Video: Funny parody questions Google's Project Glass intentions

It's been barely 24 hours since Google unveiled plans for its Project Glass augmented reality glasses and there's already a hearty spoof on it. You already saw Google's idea of what the future would look like, now take a look at the humorous dark side of wearing AR glasses in real life.

Tom Scott's "Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself" parody was created entirely to poke fun at Project Glass's ambitious undertaking. Spoiler alert: voice control can often be fumbled and focusing on AR elements against the real world is tough to do at the same time.

Scott also highlights something Google's concept video didn't play up: Google ads. Will Google serve up its ads in real-time, alerting Glass wearers of discounted deals and coupons from its Google Offers service? We don't know — it remains to be seen how this would plug back into Google's expansive ecosystem.

The parody video's purpose is intended to mock Project Glass strictly for laughs, but it's also asking a pretty important question: Google's ultimate intent for creating them. The search engine has seesawed in the media lately, fighting to balance its reputation as a stalwart innovator against the growing backlash that paints Google as little more than an advertising mega-agency. We'd like to think Google still cares about creating life-changing gadgets (like those autonomous cars) and not just creating tech that more effectively shoves advertisements down everybody's throats. (Or eyes.)

Let's give Google some credit for trying something so challenging. Either way, this is definitely a piece of tech to watch.

Via YouTube

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