Frozen beer foam keeps your brew constantly chilled

I'm not sure why it took so long to think of this, but the world is about to receive into its welcoming arms frozen beer foam. The foam is essentially made from the fluffy head of beer flash chilled, then dispensed on top of your pint like soft serve ice cream.

It works like a frozen lid that keeps your beer cold while you drink. Plus, you can eat the foam when you are done with your beer like a bonus little icy beer dessert. No more worries about beer-to-foam ratios.

Frozen foam — known as Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft — is a gift to society from Japanese beer maker Kirin. They make it by blowing air into beer to make it super frothy, then flash freezing it to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. It all happens in what looks like a slushie machine.

Kirin will be trialing the Frozen Draft in Japan in May, so U.S. bar owners will have to wait to kick that frozen margarita machine to the curb for the foam machine.

There is no word on how fast it will take for the idea to go global, but I'm willing to bet that universally most people who hear about it are ready to start the viral campaign for it now.

Via Gizmodo

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