France's future tallest tower is getting sucked into a black hole

This is the Phare Tower — also known as the Lighthouse Tower — a skyscraper designed by an American architect for Paris's La Défense business district, which is already home to some pretty interesting architecture. One glance at this thing suggests it'll fit in just fine, as it's sporting quite a crazy design itself.

The Phare Tower is the work of U.S.-born Thom Mayne and his team at the Morphosis agency, and will stand 971 feet when it's completed in 2017. That height won't get it in the world's top ten, but it will be the tallest building in France if no other designs challenge it between now and when it's built. Well, that, and if it doesn't ultimately get sucked into another dimension — its design makes it look like it's halfway there.

The Phare Tower will dethrone Tour First as La Défense's tallest building, and join other eye-popping architectural marvels, such as the district's Grande Arche. You can check it out from other angles in the gallery below.

Morphosis, via Fubiz

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