Forget your Snuggie, the smart blanket is stylish and self aware

This is one wild blanket. It's all embroidered up with sensors, conductive tassels and resistors that enable it to gather enough information to create a 3D model of itself no matter how it is folded or laid out.

The IM Blanky sports a floral motif that is really a cleverly disguised series of soft tilt sensors. The petals are created with conductive fabric, linked by resistors, and a conductive tassel in the center. The tassels act as directional markers and their contact with a petal registers a specific orientation or tilt of the fabric.

The petal clusters are linked together into larger clusters and together they relay the position of all the flowers to an Arduino computer stitched to the back of the blanket. The computer is able to compute the slopes between the flower petal sensors and create a 3D model of the blanket's shape — whether it is crumpled, piled or flat.

Once refined past the prototype stage this special blanket will be more that just your average winter warmer. The basic 3D modeling could become more complex as the technology advances to allow the sensors to cover the entire surface.

This means the blanket could create highly detailed 3D models of things wrapped in the blanket, or take on medical applications such as monitoring patient data.

Wow! Take that Snuggie!

The 7'7" x 4'2" blanket developed by the University of Toronto's Responsive Architecture at Daniels school.

University of Toronto, via Gizmodo

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