Fake ears are a perfectly creepy way to store your earbuds

Do you normally toss your earbuds loose in your pocket when you're done using them? If so, you'll know that when you pull them out again, you're going to need five minutes to untangle all of the knots in the cord. These fake ears provide a perfect place to store them, although you just might freak out other commuters as you put them away.

The Earphone TIdy has two realistic looking silicone ears mounted back to back, so when you want to store your buds away, you simply stick them into the fake ears, and wrap the cord around the middle. In addition to keeping the cord from tangling, they should also help to prevent other stuff in your pocket from damaging your precious 'phones.

While they would certainly make a nifty conversation starter, I think it would have been even cooler if they made them look like Spock ears.

No word yet on when the Earphone Tidy might become available or how much it will cost, but we'll keep our "ears" to the ground.

Thumbs Up! World, via Chip Chick

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