Epic video: stuff exploding and combusting in slow motion HD

This series of vignettes was created for Danish TV show Dumt & Farlig (or Stupid and Dangerous). By all accounts much of the action is stupid and dangerous — but that's exactly why you'll love it. The concept is simple: pick something, and then destroy it in some visually appealing way.

Remember that scene from The Brady Bunch with the slow-mo of the basketball flying downstairs and spectacularly shattering Carole Brady's vase? The one with the guilt-ridden mantra: "Mom always said…don't play ball in the house!"

Well, the makers of this video obviously never heeded such caution or felt much guilt about it as they proceed to gleefully explode, slice, demolish and shred their way through a bunch of things that Carole Brady would never approve of.

All in beautiful slow motion and filmed in glorious HD.

My favorite bit comes in at 2:20 when we see fireworks set off inside a house.

Obviously these aren't things you should do at home, and leave up to the less guilt ridden and better insured television professionals.

Okay, if pressed you probably could pull off the baseball bat smashing an egg stunt — but once the lawnmowers and chainsaws come out don't say we didn't warn you. Repeat after me:

"Mom always said…don't play ball in the house."

Via Neatorama

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