Electronic racquet shows how crappy your tennis game really is

If you want to improve your tennis game you could hire a fancy coach, or you could get this electronic smart raquet which will let you analyze your swing in minute detail.

Loaded with electronic sensors, the Play & Connect racquet can determine everything from your service velocity and racquet speed, to exactly where on the racquet you're making contact with the ball. Most importantly, despite all of the fancy electronics, the racquet has the exact same weight and balance as a regular racquet.

Developed by the French tennis equipment company Babolat, the racquet can stream data in real time to a laptop as you play, so you don't even have to stop to download the results.

Babolat will be unveiling the Play & Connect racquet at the French Open next month, then they will distribute 100 prototype units in September for further testing. Full production will being in 2013.

Babolat, via Reuters

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