Dyson engineers make mini drag racers out of cannibalized vacs

Sometimes a little mindless fun is a great way to trigger creative thinking and foster team building. Sometimes it is just mindless fun. For these 650 Dyson vacuum engineers who turned spare vacuum parts into dragsters, the line might be a little blurry.

And frankly, I like it blurry.

Watching these engineers play is like watching a bunch of puppies spill out of a basket. There is boundless energy, competition, laughs and high fives. It's hard not to smile when you see it.

There's that other bit about these mini-machines being wicked cool. It seems like each engineer had a different idea and configuration for their dragsters.

Even though you can't easily identify the parts as coming from a Dyson vacuum, I'm still filled with good will for a company that turns this kind of creativity loose on the world. Here's hoping they make it an annual event.

(Note to the Dyson marketing staff: If you open this competition up to the public, sales for Dyson vacuums will likely go through the roof. Each household would need a vacuum for the housework, and one or two for the dragsters alone. There's a little tip for free.)

Via Geekosystem

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