Don't slouch, or this monitor will yell at you

I can tell that your posture is absolutely terrible. I know you're slouching thanks to this pair of high-powered binoculars I have right here. (And put some pants on — have you no shame?). That said, I'm getting tired of checking up on every last one of you in person, which is why Philips has developed this new anti-slouch monitor.

Ideally, the Philips ErgoSensor monitor would come with a robotic arm and a ruler that would smack your mousing hand every time you slouched, but we just don't have the technology for that yet. Instead, the Philips ErgoSensor monitor includes an, uh, ErgoSensor (which may or may not just be some version of a webcam) that watches you and provides "corrective feedback on optimal viewing distance, ergonomic neck angle and a time break advice."


This "corrective feedback" seems to be in the form of little icons that flash up on the bottom right of the screen if you're doing something unhealthy, which I imagine would be annoying enough to make you sit up whether you give a frak about good posture or not. The monitor can also tell whether you're in front of it at all or not, and it'll turn itself off to save power if it doesn't have a slouching (or not) in its view. Otherwise, you're looking at a generally run-of-the-mill 24" LED backlit 1920 x 1080 panel with a 5ms response time.

For better or worse, this seems like exactly the sort of monitor that well-meaning companies might buy for all their employees, which for once makes me glad that I'm not an employee. Besides, since my desk is in fact a couch, I'd get constantly screamed at by this thing, up until I chucked it out the nearest window. And that would probably be bad for my back, huh?

Philips, via Slashgear

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