Rumor: Disneyland Paris might get its own 'Star Wars Land'

As detailed by DisneyAndMore, Disneyland Paris' Captain EO Theatre and Pizza Planet Restaurant have a good chance of getting the bulldozer treatment. Once demolished, the two properties would then be used to revamp the existing Star Tours attraction — expanding it to a full blown Star Wars Land.

A Jedi Academy would be added and so would be a Mos Eisley Cantina restaurant. There's still a lot of details that haven't been released yet, but this could be the place geekier than going to the Skywalker Ranch. With a little luck, the theme park is better than Kinect Star Wars, it should be a geek's heaven.

The current Star Tours attraction include a Star Wars-themed ride that puts you in a 3D pod racer and flies you in the midst of a starship battle on Coruscant.

DisneyAndMore claims that Disneyland Paris will invest about $84 million to upgrade the current theme park's Star Tours 1 to 2. Additionally, the source is quite confident that the earliest that a whole Star Wars Land will arrive in Paris. All signs point to a 2015 completion.

It's three years away, but you might want to start brushing up on your French.

Disney And More, via SlashFilm

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