Buy an online girlfriend for way cheaper than a real one

Dating can get tiresome, and it certainly isn't easy on the wallet. Luckily, you can now buy "girlfriend services" online for a mere $5! These services aren't sexual. Rather, they're more of the "I will send you a hand written letter" or "I will do 5 mathematics questions for you" variety, exactly what most people look for in a solid relationship.

Right? is a website on which women offer "services" that range from "I will be your online chat buddy forever" to "I will make your ex jealous with Facebook posts" to anything and everything in between. My personal favorite is the incredibly sad "I will make you feel loved for $5."

All the services cost five bucks, and many of them are Internet-centric. For example, most seem to be of the "I will be your Facebook girlfriend" variety. Presumably, the idea is more of a social status symbol thing than a not-being-lonely thing.

Again, though, the services are all over the place. Take a look for yourself, and find a girlfriend for the price of a crappy burrito!

And I want to reiterate: this is a real thing.

Of course, if you want something more lasting, there's always Konami's virtual girlfriend.

Via Gizmodo

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