Boeing will make a super secure Android smartphone

Smartphones are aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind when the name Boeing gets mentioned, but it turns out that the giant aerospace company is preparing to launch an ultra-secure Android based smartphone.

Most of us think of Boeing as the guys who make huge civilian airliners like the 747, but it turns out that they are also one of the world's largest military contractors. With all of those military secrets floating around, Boeing decided that they could do a more cost effective job if they built their secure phones themselves.

Off the shelf encrypted secure phones do exist, but they tend to run around $15k to $20k a pop, and can run only secure proprietary apps. The Boeing phone is designed to be compatible with regular apps and will be much cheaper (although how much cheaper is itself a secret.)

While Boeing will be using the phone for their own needs, it is expected that they will offer it to other companies who want a user-friendly secure phone.

The Boeing phone will probably be released later this year, but I wouldn't go looking for it at your local Verizon store.

Android Community, via Slashgear

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