BMW's hybrid i8 Spyder trumps Tesla with curves from the future

We were head over heels when BMW showed off its electric i3 SUV and hybrid i8 coupe last summer and we're even more in love with its latest creation. The i8 Spyder is a convertible that loses the roof, two seats and stows two little surprises in its glass trunk, while maintaining the sporty and sleek look of the original i8.

Internally, the i8 Spyder is virtually identical to the i8 coupe. The Spyder's body is still made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and it still has an electric motor for controlling the front wheels and a 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine for the rear wheels. Honestly, it's much sexier than a Tesla Roadster.

Stat time! BMW's newest convertible can do 0-60 miles per hour in under five seconds and top out at 155 miles per hour. It has 354 horsepower and can get 78 miles per gallon.

According to BMW, the lithium-ion battery stowed in the underbelly of the car can be recharged in two hours from a standard outlet. That's way faster than it takes a new iPad to recharge.

And for the i8 Spyder's final surprise: it has two electric scooters stashed in its trunk for even greener commuting. BMW hasn't elaborated on the electric scooters, but with the New York Auto Show later this week and the Beijing Auto Show in just a few weeks, we should hear more on the i8 Spyder soon.

Via DesignBoom and DigitalTrends

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