See through anyone, anywhere with battery-powered X-ray machines

X-rays are a powerful tool in the medical arsenal. They can be used for everything from confirming broken bones to helping diagnose certain cancers. A big downside is that they're not very mobile, but a new X-ray machine is about to change all that — not only are they portable, they are battery powered.

The new X-ray from Japanese company Mikasa weighs in at a mere 15 pounds, including the battery pack that supplies up to 300 uses per charge.

The machine features an easy-to-read LED display and can transmit the X-ray images via Wi-Fi to a laptop for review.

All of these features create an X-ray that can change medicine. Imagine this new X-ray being able to be a part of triage in the field during emergency situations or natural disasters. Paramedics and first responders could easily carry this as part of their equipment.

The portable X-ray could also assist medical professionals working in remote village clinics or other isolated areas such as oil rigs and research stations. In addition to addressing pressing emergency situations in these areas, it could help with longer-term preventative care.

We could also see the military being interested in it for battlefield medicine.

The company behind the new X-ray reports it has received regulatory approval in Japan and has already started shipping overseas for just over $22,000 USD. No word on whether the device has been approved for use in the States, but given the clear value of a portable X-ray it's likely only a matter of time.

DIgInfo, via Technabob

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