Artist recreates Japanese masterpiece using Coca-Cola 'ink'

With a happy heart I can report on Coke helping create something instead of destroying it. After all the news about how it it dissolves nails and teeth and so on, this video of artist Phil Hansen using Coke to reproduce Hokusai's classic work "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" is refreshing indeed.

The video shows how Hansen created the artwork and in order to get the varying shades of Coca-Cola "ink" it required a bit of chemistry. Yep, cooking. He cooked down the Coke to different levels of thickness. That counts as chemistry, right?

Plus, I know there are a lot of DIY fans in our audience so you'll be glad to know that Hansen has created a how-to video and template on his website.

The way I see it is even if you aren't reproducing a masterpiece, cooking up some soda with the kids and showing them what happens will be heaps of fun. Even more so if you turn them loose with a few brushes.

If this fails to excite you, there's always that famous Coke and Mentos experiment…

Phil Hansen, via That's Nerdalicious

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