Art exhibit shows you what sound looks like in waves

Sometimes seeing how something works is better than just reading an explanation. Artist Daniel Palacio's exhibit "Waves" tackles showing audiences what sound looks like as it travels through space. Answer: it looks damn cool.

While the achieved affect is awesome, the approach is simple: Palacio connected string to two motorized chambers. The string illustrates the sinusoidal waves that represent noise — and it is so sensitive it picks up movement from anything near it. The rope will undulate and create the sine waves as the environment around the installation changes.

That means the movement of people looking at the exhibit is translated onto the rope, just like movement and the environment affects sound. The movement of the rope and its sine waves are then digitized as a further way for visitors to understand the concept.

Art is something beautiful on its own, but isn't even more beautiful when it helps that light bulb go off in a learning moment?

The Waves exhibit debuted last year, and can be seen at Spain's LABoral Centro de Arte y Creació n Industrial until June 25.

ItsNiceThat, via Trendhunter

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