Amazon is lying to you about the size of its streaming library

Attempting to catch up with Hulu Plus and Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, which offers the same kind of all-you-can-eat subscription model next to one-time rentals, boasts that it has "more than 17,000 movies and television shows." This is technically true, but the everyday consumer might see it a little differently.

FastCompany reported that the $79 a year actually gets you 1,745 movies and 150 television series. The number 17,000 comes from counting up all the episodes in the 150 series.

Recently, Amazon has been expanding its streaming service, presumably to catch up to competitors. DVICE's Raymond Wong wrote, "Netflix's 21.7 million U.S. subscribers still dwarf Amazon Prime's 3 to 5 million, but it's another step for Amazon in building out its content ecosystem."

Unlike Amazon, Netflix never offers a specific number of available titles.

Via Huffington Post

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