9-year-old builds cardboard arcade, gets flashmobbed by Internet

What's a kid whose dad works at an automobile repair shop supposed to do while his dad fixes cars? Help pass the socket wrench? Nah. How about build an entire arcade out of cardboard? That's more like it!

Nine-year-old Caine wanted an arcade so badly that he built one himself. Little by little, he accrued a collection of games, made from cardboard, tape, string, and anything else he could get his hands on. Remember that time when people played arcade games and weren't all hunched over phones playing Angry Birds?

The cardboard arcade games aren't just for show. They've got some serious "high-tech gadgetry" built-in, sorta. Each machine comes with a calculator PIN code with a special calculation that checks if your "fun pass" is legit. Don't even try to cheat this kid, he's got his entire arcade locked down.

Ticket dispensers built into the game "machines" are even green — they're hand operated — as in Caine gets inside of the cardboard box games and pushes out the tickets manually. Creative!

Filmmaker Nirvan Mullick discovered "Caine's Arcade" by chance one day when his card needed fixing. Mullick was so inspired by little Caine's impressive cardboard arcade that he decided to create a short film on the kid and his creations, but then he did something even better.

Mullick took to Reddit and Facebook to share Caine's Arcade and flashmobbed him. Way to make a kid smile Internet. Plus one for the Internet again!

Caine's Arcade, via Vimeo

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