$26,000 Lamborghini bike doesn't go as fast as their cars

Quick, what new mid-engined Lamborghini model has 20 forward speeds and a frame made from carbon fiber. If you said something like the new Aventador then no points for you, because that model has only seven speeds. This Lamborghini bike is the real answer, but because it only has one human power, it's not really all that fast.

The Impec Automobili Lamborghini is actually built by a Swiss bike company called BMC, under license from the Italian supercar maker. The bike will be a limited edition of just 30, so it's going to be a lot rarer than the cars.

While $26,000 sounds pretty cheap by Lamborghini standards, it's insane money for a bike. For comparison, the Trek Madone 6 bikes Lance Armstrong used to win the Tour de France seven times, run around $12,000 these days. Having said that, the bike used by Cadel Evans to win last year's Tour was built by BMC, so they must be on to something.

If you want to be one of the lucky 30 owners of a Lambo bike, ride on down to your local Lamborghini dealer to place an order. Deliveries start in June.

Cycling News, via Born Rich

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