$1,300 Resident Evil 6 'Special Edition' schwag is priciest ever?

Video games are expensive enough, and yet people are still willing to shell out even more for some "schwag" which is usually just some toy, soundtrack or other. Capcom's riding the trend with what could be the most expensive "special edition" bundle for a video game ever.

For a cool $1,300, you can pre-order the Japanese version of Biohazard 6 (Resident Evil 6 for us westerners) and a life-sized replica of Leon Kennedy's leather jacket in sizes from small to extra large. Oh, and it also comes with four — count it — case covers. What a steal!

As The Escapist points out, $1,300 could buy a lot of other things.

Here's some things that $1,300 could buy off the top of our heads:

  • Six Xbox 360's ($200 4GB model)
  • Five PS3's ($250 160GB model)
  • Eight Kinect sensors to hack together a holodeck
  • A MacBook Air
  • A decent gaming PC
  • A super thin LED TV
  • Two new iPads ($500 16GB model)
  • Six iPhone 4S's ($200 16GB model)

The point is, anybody with a spare $1,300 to blow on Leon Kennedy leather jacket is crazy. Your money, I guess.

In light of this new crazy "special edition," let us know what the most expensive video game bundle you ever bought was and what did it come with? I admit, I've bought a few. There was that Grand Theft Auto 4 that came with a safety deposit box, duffel bag, soundtrack and artwork book and a Tekken 6 that came with an arcade stick. Guilty!

Capcom, via The Escapist

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