Zeppelin house is perfect for your futuristic steampunk lifestyle

The Wolke 7 concept, designed by Timon Sager, is "the perfect combination of travel and feeling at home." Slung underneath the doubled up zeppelins is a three floor house that includes all the comforts of home, along with several giant TVs, a hot tub, and what appears to be a full-size grand piano.

The buzz-killing physicists among you are probably busy pointing out that there's no way the volume of gas inside those balloons can possibly lift a three floor house with a grand piano inside it. But you know what? This is a concept, so let's pretend that these are carbon nanofiber envelopes filled with nothing. Yes, that's right, this is a vacuum airship, eschewing a lifting gas for a lifting lack of gas, making it 15% more efficient at lifting itself than helium, which ought to cover the piano and the hot tub. So take that, physics!

Check out lots more pics of this concept in the gallery below.

Wolke 7, via Yanko

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