You'd better bring some stones to this glass house maze

You know what would be fun? I'll tell you: trying to navigate a giant cubic maze with transparent walls, floors, and ceilings, where the only reward is a cup of coffee at the top and the horrifying prospect of having to find your way out again.

The Cubed Maze³ (which I think if you do the math works out to more dimensions than I'm personally comfortable with) is a nine floor maze constructed entirely out of transparent panels. The goal is a coffee shop on the top floor and sets of ramps and stairs will get you there, but of course it's not that easy. Designer Phil Pauley (who is also responsible for wacky ideas like this) explains:

Covering nine floors, multiple stairs, glass ramps and transparent walled partitions, this mega maze will challenge and amuse all who attempt her summit. Each of the nine levels represents the complexity of an equivalent single level maze. Stairs and ramp ways may offer assurance but sometimes you will have to go back down a floor or two to reach the higher levels.

Well, at least the maze doesn't move around and as far as we know it's not full of nasty traps, either. And presumably, nobody will force you into to and then abandon you to your fate, but it's best not to take chances and we'd advise anyone who goes anywhere near this thing to bring enough stones with them to smash their way out if necessary.

Co.Design, via io9

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