You need this: personal Killer Whale Submarine

I'd loved to have been at the table when this idea surfaced. "Okay, so what if we created a personal submarine?" Nods of approval. "Why not make it look and act like a killer whale?" Give that person a freakin' promotion.

This angular submersible actually comes from a longish line of animal-inspired subs, including a shark (the Seabreacher X) and a dolphin (the original Seabreacher). The orca here is the Seabreacher Y.

Now a Killer Whale Submarine, it's still a two-person water vehicle designed to look and act like its namesake. And it seems pretty clear if you and your date want to get some attention, cruising around in this will work. It also sounds like fun.

The Whale Sub contains an integrated snorkel in the "dorsal fin" which ensures airflow to the engine when submerged — up to five feet. The pilot gets to multitask like a whale by pushing and pulling twin levers to move the Whale Sub's pectoral fins (yep, it has those) to perform rolls and dives. A finger on the right lever controls the throttle.

Steering is provided by dual foot pedals that control the thrust of the 225-horsepower Rotax supercharged engine.

What does that kind of horsepower provide? Some pretty cool tricks. You can porpoise or skyhop — which means you can leap out of the water and dive down again like a real Ornicus orca (that's the Killer Whale). It ups the stakes by hydroplaning over the surface at 50 mph and moving along at 25 mph underwater.

Plus, you'll get a pretty swish interior, as you . Under the 1/2 inch thick watertight acrylic canopy it has a dashboard with all the usual fruit — a speedometer, tachometer, engine and air pressure gauges and even an LCD screen that shows video from the tail.

For all you safety freaks out there, it also comes with four point racing harnesses.

The Killer Whale Sub weighs 1,450 pounds, has a 14-gallon tank and measures 17 feet long.

Be prepared to shell out $100,000 for this little toy. That doesn't even cover whatever insurance might be associated with a vehicle that acts like a whale, so keep an open mind!

Hammacher Schlemmer, via 7Gadgets

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