Wrist-mounted finger piano lets you annoy people everywhere

When someone drums their fingers endlessly on the table, it gets annoying pretty quickly. So imagine if each of those taps was accompanied by the sound of a piano. This wrist-mounted electronic piano lets you do that by expressing your inner Elton John without having to carry around a huge keyboard.

Each finger carries one note of a major scale, and because a full octave requires more notes than we have fingers, three additional buttons on the speaker unit fill in the final notes. The tones correspond to the white keys on the piano, so don't expect to get all fancy-schmantzy with some minor chords. The unit is polyphonic, which means that you can play several notes at once to make a chord.

Best of all, the Finger Piano has three sounds. In addition to the regular piano, there's a bell sound and finally there's what they describe as 'cat.' So perhaps you can use this to talk to Tibbles in a language she can understand.

The Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano is available now from ThinkGeek for about $40.

ThinkGeek, via Ubergizmo

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