Why the left side of your keyboard doesn't get any love

Your average QWERTY keyboard really isn't average. Researchers believe that words containing more letters from the right hand side stir "warmer feelings" than those words on the left.

The left sided keys aren't so lucky.

Cognitive researchers Kyle Jasmin of University College London and Daniel Casasanto of the New School for Social Research in New York conducted a study asking volunteers to rate their feelings whether positive or negative, regarding English, Spanish, and Dutch words. The results were very specific.

No matter what the language — even with completely made up words or Internet shorthand like LOL — people more positively rated words involving mainly on the right side of the keyboard. It didn't even matter if users were left handed or right handed.

It is theorized that perhaps this phenomenon is because of the QWERTY keyboard assignment. The left side has 15 letters whereas the right only has 11. Could it be we feel better about the words that don't cause us to work as hard to type?

It's worthy of deeper thought and not just some quirky study. Understanding how we feel about words could perhaps influence how marketers make their pitches for products or even how products are named. Companies will use everything in their arsenal to get us to favor their product — and half the battle is to just get us feeling good enough to sample.

As we become a society that relies more and more on typing via our mobile devices and computers it could be the divide between our love for the right over the left will only grow.

Then again, I can think of a few words typed entirely on the left that always make me happy — Dad and cat at the top of the list.

The study can be found online in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.

Via LiveScience

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