Who doesn't want tasty tacos delivered to them by quadrocopters?

Food delivery isn't something most people associate with being cool or fun. TacoCopter wants to change that by literally taking taco delivery to new heights with a service that brings customers delicious piping-warm tacos from unmanned drone helicopters.

Ordering tacos from TacoCopter couldn't be easier. You order tacos using a smartphone app that sends your GPS coordinates to a drone. When your tacos are ready for delivery, the quadrocopter comes and finds you according to the location data it collected from you. Payments are collected online, so there's no hassle of swiping cards or exchanging cash. You don't even need to leave the drone any tip!

The concept of TacoCopter sounds fantastic, but it's a dream at best. The challenge for turning TacoCopter from being unique idea into is, of course, the U.S. government. The Huffington Post spoke to Star Simpson, one of TacoCopter's three cofounders on the government holdup:

"Simpson told HuffPost that because of the FAA's regulations -- as well as other minor problems, like navigating the treacherous terrain of an urban environment, keeping the food warm, finding a city map precise enough to avoid crashes 100 percent of the time, avoiding birds, balconies and telephone wires, delivering food to people indoors, delivering food to the right person, dealing with greedy humans who would just steal the Tacocopter as soon as it got to them, etc. -- the Tacocopter website exists more as a conversation starter about the future of food delivery (and delivery in general), as well as about the commercial uses of unmanned vehicles, than an actual startup plan or business."

For Dustin Boyer, Star Simpson and Scott Torborg, the three cofounders behind TacoCopter, using drones to deliver tacos isn't a joke. They're dead serious about it being a real legitimate form of food delivery — if the government ever loosens up its regulations.

Simpson even goes as far as to say that quadrocopters might replace waiters and waitresses in a restaurant one day. Yikes, so quadrocopters could displace delivery boys/girls and waiters and waitresses in the future? Knowing that quadrocopters can be programmed to play the James Bond theme song, it might be time we prepare to bow down to our flying overlords.

Don't like tacos? The TacoCopter folk are considering LobsterCopter for East Coasters. But if you hit up the LobsterCopter site, all you get is some guy's smug face. What's up with that?

TacoCopter, via Neatorama and Huffington Post

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