Watch as a fleet of robot quadrotors plays the James Bond theme

I'm always a sucker for anything James Bond related, so when someone makes a video showing a fleet of robotic quad-rotor helicopters playing the James Bond theme, I'm in secret agent heaven.

The 'copters fly over their instruments, hitting keys on the keyboard, playing drums and cymbals, and strumming the 'couch guitar', a sofa frame with steel strings tensioned to deliver the required notes.

The performance was put together by a team at the University of Pennsylvania, who point out that none of the quadrotors are being flown by human controllers. Everything was pre-programmed in advance, and they just pushed the start button to get things rolling.

My favorite part is the final chord on the electric guitar, played in the original version by English guitarist Vic Flick.

University of Pennsylvania, via Boing Boing

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