Video: Wicked Laser 'lightsabers' lasers incinerating a new iPad

We know, you're so sick of iPad news and hearing about "Heatgate" all over the Internet. Sit back and relax, because this video of three of Wicked Laser's powerful lasers setting an iPad on fire — ever so slowly — is sure to warm the Android and Microsoft camps.

Wicked Laser's "lightsabers" aren't toys. They're powerful enough to pop popcorn kernels, burn your hand, blind you and screw up satellites from a distance. They're very dangerous if used improperly and without any kind of safety glasses.

Like RatedRR who shot a brand new iPad with assault rifles and shotguns, this guy decided it'd be fun to torture and kill an iPad — slowly — with a combo of three Wicked Lasers: Spyder III, S3 Arctic and S3 Krypton.

As I told DVICE captain Kevin Hall, what economic slump? If people or companies can afford to destroy $500 tablets for a little viral video, I think the world is in better financial shape than we think it is.

YouTube, via Buzzfeed

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