Refrigerator magnet offers one-touch pizza ordering

This little refrigerator magnet reminds me of the Bat-Signal, which you use in an emergency and Batman rescues you. This Bluetooth-enabled fridge magnet has that same power in a munchies emergency: all you have to do is touch it and a pizza shows up to rescue you from hunger.

A Dubai-based pizza shop called Red Tomato Pizza has created the one-touch magnet in the shape of a pizza box. When opened and pressed, your order is placed. The "VIP Fridge Magnet" works via Bluetooth and your smartphone. You simply synch up the magnet and create your pizza profile online and you are ready to go.

Press the button and the magnet triggers your phone to order your pie. An SMS confirmation is sent back to confirm your order. And, if your friends are jokers and press the button for kicks you can cancel via a quick text.

Who would cancel though? This device is up there with the invention of the wheel and sliced bread in my book.

The restaurant is pretty serious about marketing the "Fridge Magnet" service and obviously the news and the video of it in use are making the rounds.

But a big question is left unanswered. How is this going to affect me? When will we get one touch ordering in the States? Sure we have pizza chains with apps, but they require me to navigate through ordering and other pesky nonsense.

Yes. Our apps have order tracking. I'll give you that. But this is a magnet, shaped like a pizza that already knows my order and I just have to touch it. I believe it may have eclipsed the concept of the Bat-Signal for me — after all, the Bat-Signal never fed anyone.

Via DigitalTrends

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